Calculating Two-Phase Pressure Drop with the Lockhart-Martinelli Correlation

The Lockhart and Martinelli correlation is commonly used to calculate the pressure-drop of two-phase flow in pipe. It's simpler than other methods, and is particularly suitable for low liquid and gas flows in small diameter pipes.

This Excel spreadsheet helps you calculate the two-phase pressure drop in a pipe.  It has several stages
  • First the pressure drops of the individual phases are calculated assuming that each phase is alone in the pipe (i.e. separated flow). 
  • Then, the Lockhart-Martinelli parameter is calculated. 
  •   Finally, the Chisholm (1967) correlation is used to calculate the total pressure drop.


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    Hi Sam..Thank you for posting this.
    I have a question that how will u calculate mass flow rates for Liquid and Gas seperately

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