Chemical Engineering Calculations

Heat Exchanger Design Excel Spreadsheets
Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Calculator
1D Heat Equation using Finite Difference Method
Dynamic Model of a Cross Flow Heat Exchanger
Preliminary Heat Exchanger Design Calculations
Corrected Log Mean Temperature Difference for Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
Temperature Dynamics of Heated Tanks Connected in Series
TEMA Type E Heat Exchanger Design with Bell-Delaware Method
Heat Loss from an Insulated Pipe

Fluid Flow and Pipe Network Excel Spreadsheets
Colebrook White Equation for the Friction Factor
Three Reservoir Problem
Balance a Pump Curve Against a System Curve
Two Phase Pressure Drop with the Lockhart Martinelli Correlation
Darcy-Weisbach Equation to Calculate Liquid Velocity in a Pipe
Dynamics of Liquid Flow Between Two Tanks Connected by a Pipe
Maximum Pressure (Joukowsky Pressure) Resulting from Water Hammer
Flow Regime Map for Two-Phase Flow

Orifice Flow Meter Sizing Excel Spreadsheets
Large Bore Liquid Orifice Meter (ISO 5167)
Large Bore Gas Orifice Meter (ISO 5167)
Small Bore Liquid Orifice Flow Meter Calculator (ASME MFC-14M-2001)
Small Bore Gas Orifice Flow Meter Calculator (ASME MFC-14M-2001)

Miscellaneous Excel Spreadsheets
Multicomponent Equilibrium Flash Calculation
Binary Distillation using McCabe-Thiele
Liquid Volume in Partially Filled Horizontal Tanks
Pressure Drop Through Packed Beds with Ergun Equation
Souders-Brown Equation for Maximum Vapor Velocity in Vapor-Liquid Separators

Reaction Kinetics
Catalyst Assisted Reaction Scheme

Fluid Properties
Gas Viscosity with Sutherland's Law


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